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Choosing a headboard


Friendly Folk fabric Headboard

Fabric shown above is Friendly Folk by Kit Kemp for Andrew Martin. 


Choosing a Headboard

Symmetry and a focal point will really help elevate your bedroom design and turn it from 'meh' to 'wow' in a matter of moments. Adding a statement headboard to frame your bed is an easy way to instantly add that cool chic hotel room look, bringing in warmth, pattern and the much desired focal point.


Leina Fabric Korla

Fabric shown above is Leina by Korla Home 


Choosing a big bright pattern to make a bold statement headboard or a gorgeous plain fabric, both will add warmth, luxury and transform your space.


Fabric shown below is Fleurs Etoilees by Raoul Dufy for Christopher Farr Cloth

Christopher Farr Headboard Green Fabric Pattern

Championed by Kit Kemp at Firmdale over the last few years - statement headboards are now seen in all the most beautiful and luxurious bedrooms. But they don't need to cost the earth.

We've created a simple brochure to help guide you through the process of choosing the perfect headboard for your bed.

Click to download our Headboard Brochure or visit our services page and search "Headboard"

The fabric shown below is Miji in Tomato by Linwood

Linwood Upholstered Headboard Orange

Choosing a headboard can be super simple.


The first step is to measure.

Measure your bed base width across. Always measure the bed base rather than the mattress.

Then measure the height of the wall behind the bed and stand back and have a good look ... what would you like? a true statement feature piece or a simple discreet headboard to prop you up with the papers on a Sunday morning?

If you need help with measuring get in touch and we'll be happy to help.


Fabric shown below is the gorgeous Fullerton by Osborne & Little

Fullerton by Osborne & Little


Decide on the shape.

To help you we have a simple shape menu in our brochure:

Headboard shape menu

The shape of your headboard is key - perhaps the shape can echo other patterns  in the room - a simple curve to follow a bay window - a structured cut out to match wallpaper - it's here you can really have some fun.

Perhaps the shape will follow the design of the fabric or you've seen a great shape on Pinterest. Our shape menu is a guide. We can make any shape you like.


Decide on the height - we can add endless height to these headboard shapes - a statement headboard can sit metres above the top of the mattress - or choose a standard height which is usually around 70cm or 90cm.

If you need help or would like us to help you design your headboard - get in touch, we offer a free headboard design service in our shop and you'll get lots of free fabric samples too.

 Fabric shown below is Jardin Exo’chic by Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild.

Christian Lacroix Headboard



Choose your fabric - visit our shop in Brighton and have a browse through all our wonderful designs - we have lots of new fabrics arriving every week - we work with all the top suppliers. Take samples home with you to see how they work in your space.

Book in a free headboard design consultation and let us do the work for you. 

Browse and order samples online from the comfort of your own home. We can also work via zoom or just give us a call.


Fabric shown below is Calisa in red by Jane Churchill

Calisa Fabric Jane Churchill

Once you have decided your shape, the height and you have chosen a fabric - we'll price it all up - we then make it and come and install perfectly.

Oh and don't forget about the kids .. they love headboards too and you can have real fun with their fabrics - headboards are great to lean against when reading them their bedtime story. 


Fabric shown below is Quadria in Ink Blue by Korla Home 

Kids Headboards Quadria Korla

Ah the humble headboard. A lovely extra cushioned rest to prop you up in the mornings as you sip your tea - the sun gently filters through the curtains and you're having a lovely scroll through instagram, it's quiet and you are super cozy ...but wait.. what.. now you're wildly clutching at the duvet while your kid pretends your bed is actually her trampoline .. it's 5am?! and dark ..wait is this a dream or a nightmare? I digress and it's nothing to do with lovely headboards ;-)


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