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Roger Oates Design + A Rum Fellow

A journey in colour, taken together.

Roger Oates Design x A Rum Fellow

Roger Oates Design x A Rum Fellow

A fantasy of travel through colour escapism with a focus on structure and composition, the culmination of a two year adventure uniting these incredible designers.

Andy Guard Roger Oates and A Rum Fellow

This exciting collaboration explores global representations of colour as a form of expression, reimagining traditional weaving and embroidery techniques to find a shared creative identity, steeped in heritage.

Their boldest collection to date sees the introduction of a prominent Diamond weaving pattern. The diamond stands as a symbol for the collection, representing considered composition and geometry.

Roger Oates Design x A Rum Fellow

With colour and composition at its core, this bold collection sees the introduction of a woven diamond pattern.

Four designs introduce ten vibrant new hues to our heritage palette to create a contemporary collection full of energy and excitement.

Roger Oates x A Rum Fellow Collaboration


A statement making design which introduces a new diamond stripe amongst herringbone and rib sections. A design with energy and impact where patterned elements appear to sit on top of one another, framed by a striking border.

Morella is available in five colours | Amber, Atoll, Coral, Emerald and Neptune.

Roger Oates x A Rum Fellow


Available in two colours, Arta is a re-working of a weaver’s favourite ‘Orkney (c.1994)’, traditionally designed to use up leftover yarn. A wide spectrum of multicolours in both vivid and pastel tones. This design works well as a backdrop of intricate stripes when hand-seamed together for rugs and wall-to-wall areas. Named after the multifaceted, kaleidoscopic nature of the colours found in precious stones.

Arta Stair Runner


The starting point for the collection. A contrasting rib background elevates vividly coloured and evenly spaced stripes, which are woven using the brand new diamond structure.

Three colourways | Majorelle, Sinoir and Temple - The blue in Marjorelle was inspired by Yves St Laurent Gardens in Marrakech

 Kahlo stair runner


With the footprint of the Roger Oates classic ‘Croft’ runner, this classic understated border design cleverly combines multiple shades of the same colour to create a nuanced yet highly textured design. A subtle border is created where the density of colour falls and builds at the designs edge, bringing a quiet definition to the design.

Four colourways | Citrine, Gold, Indigo and Terracotta

Mila Stair Runner

Mila Stair Runner Weaving

Roger Oates Design - their story;

In the late 1980’s, the owners of a grand country residence approached Roger Oates and Fay Morgan with an historic flatwoven fragment they had discovered hidden under their floorboards. These types of coverings, common in the 18th century were usually plain in colour and void of pattern. This unique piece, worn and heavily faded, revealed vibrant colour choice and deliberate pattern design. Instantly inspired, Roger and Fay began a journey that would see them develop Venetian Flatweave into the highly distinctive decorative floorcovering it is today.

Their head office, showroom and workshop lie at the foot of the Malvern Hills in Herefordshire, surrounded by picturesque green space and woodland.

Learn more about Roger Oates Design here 

Roger Oates Loom and Office Image

A Rum Fellow is a London based design studio dedicated to artisan textiles and rugs and statement interior pieces emblazed by colour and intricate pattern. Founded by Caroline Lindsell and Dylan O’Shea, a partnership that fuses a desire for beautifully crafted and well-travelled design befitting a contemporary lifestyle. In the spirit of the intrepid British explorers, they traverse the globe in search of the wonderful and unique.

Backstrap brocade weaving in Guatamala has been perfected by Maya female artisans throughout 2000 years of tradition. The loom may seem simple, a few small pieces of wood, but with this tool skilled weavers create the most intricate master pieces, true textile artworks. 

Learn more about A Rum Fellow here 

A Rum Fellow Back Strap Weaving

We are so excited to share this vibrant collection with you that marries the talents of these innovative forward thinking weavers. 

Our showroom in Brighton has full sized pieces of the whole collection for you to view the intricate workmanship in person.

To order samples online view the full collection here 

Contact us for more information or to book a home measure appointment.


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