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Browsing through Instagram the other day I realised that we appear to be surrounded by feathers.  Wallpapers and fabrics are adorned with them, lampshades are being made out of them.

Feathers in Interiors - Mister Smith Interiors July 2017

Take a look at these beautiful feathered lampshades created by Porta Romana - seeing is believing, the detail is astonishing, each feather placed by hand to build up an incredible textured appearance. We currently have the pale pink feather lamp shade on display in our Brighton shop.

Watch this incredible Instagram video of Diane Hill painting the most beautiful, intricate feathered detail on these bird wings - her work is simply stunning.

Feather inspired posts have also appeared on @thetrendslondon and in the latest wallpaper and fabric collections by Designers Guild, Cole & Son and Harlequin.

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