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Electric Blinds (Dreams)

Have you considered electrical or motorised blinds for your home?

Here at Mister Smith Interiors we have all the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you benefit from beautiful, expertly fitted motorised blinds.

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Electrical blinds have many benefits;

Easily operate multiple blinds

Child safe

Great for hard to reach windows

Chain free options available for a minimalist look.

Easily controlled with an app from your phone or computer you can set timers when you’re on holiday too.

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Get in touch with us today to book a home visit or if you’re still at the research stage, we’ve put together a little Q&A for you: 

How long does it take to create motorised blinds?

Our lead times vary depending on the time of year but we estimate approximately 4-6 weeks.

Does it affect how the blind is hung?

Motorising a blind does not affect how they hang. They will look normal, just as a standard roller blind.

Does the blind look any different? Or stick out?

Motorised or Electric blinds will look no different to a standard blind. The only difference is that there is no chain so they are completely child safe and give a sleek contemporary look.

What is the technology called?

We use Somfy® as they are world leaders in motorisation, the technology used is ‘Somfy® RTS’. Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) is Somfy's exclusive control platform which enables users to adjust motorised interior window coverings and products such as Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Roman Blinds & Curtains from virtually anywhere inside or outside the home. RTS allows users to enter a world of solutions designed to create ambiance and bring creations to life to provide the ultimate combination of luxury and performance effortlessly .. exciting :-)

Is there a maximum weight, width, length for the blind?

We often get asked this and the answer is; Not really no. We have 4 motors available, 3 battery powered motors and one mains powered motor. These motors cover all widths and heights and weights.

Our motors are the Junior RTS, Sonesse 28 RTS, Sonesse 30 RTS & the Sonesse 40 RTS. Each of these motors have different carrying capacities and the size of the blind determines which motor should be used. All of the maximum fabric sizes are dependant on the fabric being used. The fabric sizes below are based on a blackout fabric however some fabrics are heavier such as our range of screen fabrics which may need a stronger motor.

1. Junior RTS (Battery powered)

Maximum fabric size = 3.5m2

Maximum fabric weight = 1.4kg

Minimum width = 480mm 

2. Sonesse 28 RTS (Battery powered)

Maximum fabric size = 9m2

Maximum fabric weight = 4.4kg

Minimum width = 480mm

3. Sonesse 30 RTS (Battery operated)

Maximum fabric size = 18m2

Maximum fabric weight = 6.4kg

Minimum width = 675mm 

4. Sonesse 40 RTS (Mains powered)

(Electrician required to fit)

Maximum fabric size = 20m2

Maximum fabric weight = 8.5kg

Minimum width = 600mm

There is no such maximum width per motor width it all depends on the fabric size. If a fabric is patterned and narrow and you have a very wide window bear in mind you will see the fabric repeating and will see a seam where the fabric has been sewn together.

Can electrical or motorised blinds be made as black out blinds?

All of our fabrics can be used on our motorised blind systems, these include sheer fabrics, dim out fabrics, blackout fabrics & screen fabrics.  

Can I use any fabric and any style?

Yes, any fabric, any style is fine, just keep an eye on the weight of the fabric and the fabric size to correspond with our motor choices. See earlier point about narrow, patterned fabrics. Come and choose from hundreds of fabrics we have in our shops.

How much extra does it cost to have a blind motorised?

Each of our motors is priced differently - here are the approximate costs:

Junior RTS = £137.00 RRP inc VAT

Sonesse 28 RTS = £240.00 RRP inc VAT

Sonesse 30 RTS = £310.00 RRP inc VAT

Sonesse 40 RTS = £385.00 RRP inc VAT

The above prices include a charger for the blind. The charger simply plugs into the motor head.

How much do motorised blinds cost to run?

The only cost of running these blinds is the electricity used to charge the blinds. They take around 2 hours to charge and last between 10-12months per charge (based on one up, one down usage per day)

Will I need an electrician to install?

For the larger blinds, Yes, the mains powered motor will require an electrician to be fitted as this does involve wiring loops and mains electricity. The smaller battery operated blinds are simply installed by us like any other blind would be.

We recommend AJ Taylor Electricians

How long does it take to fit them?

Our motorised blinds use the exact same brackets as our standard roller blinds, so it takes no extra time to fit these blinds than normal. We also set up the limits and remotes before sending the blinds to you, so you don’t need to set up the blinds when fitted. They will be ready to go.

Is there much mess?

Only as much mess as there would be with a standard roller blind fitting and here at Mister Smith Interiors we always make sure everything is left spotless before we leave :-)

Is there an App available? Can you control the blinds remotely?

We have a number of control options including 2 wifi control systems, the Connexoon & Tahoma system. The Connexoon is available on smartphones whereas the Tahoma system is available on smartphones and tablets. These systems plug into your router and act as a control point for your home. The blinds can then be operated anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Perfect for making it look like your home when you’re not in!

Click here to view a handy video explaining more.

The Tahoma system is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

As well as the wifi control systems we have hard remotes also available in a number of channels and functions. The amount of blinds you are looking to control will dictate the best remote control to be used. We offer the following…

Situo RTS – Single channel remote control for 1 blind or 1 group of blinds.

Telis 1 Chronis RTS – single channel remote control for 1 blind or group of blinds with a timer function.

Telis 4 RTS – remote control to manage from 1 up to 5 blinds or groups of blinds.

Telis 6 Chronis RTS – remote control to manage up to 6 blinds or groups of blind with a timer function

Telis 16 RTS – Manage up to 16 blinds or groups of blinds with this centralised remote. This control has an LCD display and allows you to assign names to each application.

Tahoma Motorised Blinds App Controller Image

Can you set the blinds with a timer – say if you go on holiday?

Yes, the control options above with Chronis in the name have a timer function.

Is motorisation only for blinds or do you do curtains too?

We have just launched 2 motorised curtain tracks that can be used with Somfy RTS. This allows complete control of your blinds and curtains using the same remotes or wifi control systems.

Can you control your whole house?

Yes, our Tahoma wifi system can be used with other application other than blinds. This system can incorporate lighting (Philips Hue), alarm systems, smoke detectors, heating, cameras and movement sensors.

Is there a remote control or is it a panel fixed to the wall?

We have remote controls which can be fixed to the wall or handheld. The wifi control systems can be used on your smartphones and tablets.

Can shutters be electrified or motorised?

Not as yet no. We are not aware of any motorised shutter system in the industry as yet.

How long is the electrical component guaranteed for?

All of our motors hold a 5 year guarantee

What happens if they break?

If there is a fault with the motor within the 5year guarantee period we will repair/replace the motor where possible.

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To find out more please contact our shops directly or send an email to - customers in East Sussex can arrange for a free home visit and measure service.

Customers outside of East Sussex can order via email or by giving our Brighton shop a call on 01273 605574




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