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Don't be afraid of the dark..

Renowned for signature stripe runners and rugs in vibrant colours and sophisticated neutrals, Roger Oates Design has been seduced by ‘the dark side’, collaborating with Abigail Ahern to create a capsule flatweave flooring collection in deep, mysterious shades for Autumn 2018...

Abigail Ahern x Roger Oates

Abigail Ahern is an influential tastemaker who is consistently ahead of the design trail and is recognised amongst design aficionados, press and clients alike for her enchanting take on interiors. Arbiter of Brit cool girl style with her mannish palette, hip aesthetic and foraged take on faux botanicals Abigail’s look is predominately relaxed and a bit mussed up.

Abigail Ahern x Roger Oates

Although dramatically different, both companies are famed for their use of colour.

The discovery of an historic Venetian flatweave sample in the late 1980’s inspired Roger Oates to take this almost extinct, very humble flatweave floorcovering and reinvent it for the 21st century. Now almost 30, years later the company continues to be a market leader in flatweave floorcovering. Renowned for its classic heritage with a contemporary edge the smart, timeless floor coverings are highly sought after by interior designers and discerning homeowners and this humble floor covering now adorns staircases in some of the best dressed homes around the globe. The narrow width runners can be joined to create wall to wall fitted carpet and highly distinctive rugs of almost any dimension, bound with a linen tape or finished with a simple selvedge edge.

Abigail Ahern x Roger Oates

The seed for a collaboration grew when Andy Guard, Head of Design at Roger Oates Design, armed with a catalogue of designs and the exclusive Roger Oates yarn chain, met Abigail to discuss bespoke colours. She was fascinated by the texture that flatweave offers and the endless variety of designs achievable using a simple stripe. Inspired by the subtle shades and depth of tone of the yarn, Abigail immediately honed-in on a very particular section of the palette bearing a striking resemblance to her own sultry paint hues.

Abigail Ahern x Roger Oates

Woven on traditional looms, flatweave is more akin to a heavy fabric than a carpet. Creating designs and balancing colour requires an understanding of how a simple change to warp and weft can dramatically change the look and feel. Having selected the colours and patterns together it was down to Andy, with his extensive knowledge and skill of weaving, to develop the designs on a hand loom before the final designs were selected.

Abigail Ahern x Roger Oates

The Abigail Ahern for Roger Oates Design capsule collection comprises 4 designs in existing colours from the Roger Oates yarn chain, woven to create an entirely different moody ambiance.

Masai Smoke: the combination of dark jewel tones against an ebony herringbone backdrop transforms this tribal design into something rich and indulgent.

Masai Smoke Abigail Ahern x Roger Oates

Malton Cinder: often the smallest change can make the biggest difference. Simply substituting the original neutral highlight with a rich plum shade gives this classic Roger Oates design a new twist.

Malton Cinder Abigail Ahern x Roger Oates

Fitzroy Rosebriar: a departure from the original bright and monochrome colourways, the new hue consists of soft tonal, herringbone stripes with a rich border.

Fitzrosebriar Abigail Ahern x Roger Oates

Kobe Plum: re-worked with an unusual dark weft, drawing out the saturated colours found in the warp as well as hi- lighting the flecks of antique rose and plum.

Kobe Plum Abigail Ahern x Roger Oates

Abigail‘s mantra ‘don’t be afraid of the dark’ breaks all the rules, using colour and texture in unexpected places. For those that aspire to faded glamour and masculine chic, the reined in colour palette and subtle texture of the flatweave rugs is the perfect foundation from which to create a dramatic atmosphere.

Abigail Ahern x Roger Oates

The full collection is now available in both of our shops. Contact us now to order your free samples today. 

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